Fletcher Presbyterian Church
A Congregation in Mission
Fletcher Presbyterian Church • 1578 Cow Camp Road • PO Box 493 • Newland, NC  28657 •
Pastor Roger Wise • 828/737-9300
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Fletcher History
Beginning as a mission of the Newland
Presbyterian Church, Fletcher’s Chapel on
Cow Camp Road was the result of the vision
and work of a Newland layman named
Ragland Fletcher.  It was the late 1930s,
before Cow Camp Road was paved and
before Fraser Firs covered the hills and
mountain sides.

Folks with family names like
Cuthbertson, Wise, Ford, Pritchard, and
Brewer joined in the building of our “little
white church in the  wildwood.” These
families were joined by second and third
generations of the founders, plus new
families who were drawn to
the congregation’s vision of community outreach, the care and concern for others, and
a commitment to take the good news of God’s love to the ends of the earth.

As we have from the beginning, we have Sunday Worship at 10 AM, with Sunday
School classes following.  We welcome visitors and those without a church home will
find a warm welcome at Fletcher - a congregation in mission!
A Congregation In Mission
Conceived as a mission, Fletcher Church has matured into a congregation in mission.  In the
past few years the congregation has more than doubled its annual giving, with the increase
going into a variety of local and global mission objectives.

Among our Avery County outreach ministries are R.A.M. (Reaching Avery Ministries) and “The
Ram’s Rack” thrift store in Newland; the CROP Walk, an annual event which raises funds for
Church World Service and Disaster Relief; and Habitat For Humanity and its Home Store.  In
addition to funding, Fletcher members provide many volunteer hours to each of these

We have led the county’s churches in CROP Walk gifts the past seven years, and finished this
year a Presbyterian Habitat build as a partner with three other congregations.  The Nickel-a-
Meal offering, received the first Sunday of every month, supports a variety of hunger ministries.

On a global scale, our focus has been on Malawi in southeastern Africa, a mission we share
with other congregations in Western North Carolina.  We have sent one of our Elders, Tommy
Burleson, to Malawi three years, as a member of a Presbytery Mission Team, and have
provided significant medical and construction aid to the hospital there.